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Waxman Brothers keep the world of fashion with all creative expressions, with the intention of developing a new urban lifestyle that absorbs and enhances all the nuances of different cultures.


We are inspired by colors, music, design, art , from the difference, the uniqueness, the variety of identities and the multicultural soul.


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All these elements are the key feature of our brand, one of a kind. We combine and enhance our every single inspiration in every single product, so that every person who buys from us feels part of one big family.

In the frenzy that characterizes our company, we at Waxman believe that quality is the most important aspect. 

Each of our creations is produced, in its entirety, in Italy, working only with factories that respect high quality standards and an ethical code of conduct.


We are for all people who want to look beyond.
We are Waxman Brothers.

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