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About Us


Waxman Brothers was born in 2015,
inspired and fascinated by the concept of contamination.
We draw inspiration from colors, shapes, music, art, and design,
celebrating differences and uniqueness.
We believe that quality still matters and that respecting
the production chain and the people within it is essential.

Our collections are the ultimate expression of our values.
A mix of fantasies created and interpreted by us,
translating into unique and personality-filled products.
The printing and production of the garments take place in laboratories
in northern Italythat respect high-quality standards
and an ethical code of conduct within their companies.

We must emphasize our strong artistic and musical influence,
which is expressed in the appreciation and collaboration
with nationally and internationally renowned artists.

Waxman garments are free and genderless,
designed for those with a rich, sophisticated personality
who have the ability to always look beyond.

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